SBT - Some Clarification

Last updated : 24 March 2019 By SBT

Following the survey issued yesterday on behalf of the EFL a number of Sky Blue fans have asked us for clarification on a couple of important issues.    

  • Firstly with regard to potential expulsion we have been asked in what league CCFC would play in if they were expelled from the EFL. The Trust understands that this question would be decided by an FA Committee. We have however made enquiries with both the EFL and FA and have been advised that it is likely that we would be placed one or two tiers below National League North/South but that would be a matter for discussion with the FA and the Leagues at the time. 
  • Of course, even then a home ground would be needed which met the rules of the relevant league. Those rules would be less stringent below the EFL.
  • We have also been asked  what form the binding commitment  referred to in option B in the survey would take. We don’t know for sure, only the EFL can answer this question, however we understand that in 2013, when the EFL agreed the ground-share at Northampton there was a £1million pound undertaking that was released on return to the Ricoh.