A Request From The EFL To All Coventry City Supporters

Last updated : 22 March 2019 By CNS Sport

The EFL have this morning issued the following questionaire to Coventry City supporters regarding the future of the club.


Dear Sky Blues Supporter

As you will by now be well aware, unless Coventry City are able to demonstrate to the English Football League (EFL) that the club has a home ground on which to play its matches for the 2019/20 season, an Extraordinary General Meeting of EFL clubs will take place on 25 April 2019, to consider a motion to expel the Sky Blues from the EFL.

The Sky Blue Trust met recently with the EFL to discuss the whole range of potential scenarios that may or may not occur over the next two months. At that meeting, the EFL indicated that it would welcome a formal view from the Sky Blue Trust about the club playing its matches outside of Coventry on a temporary basis should such an outcome need to be considered at some point – most likely as a last ditch alternative to expulsion.

The EFL stressed that the club remained focused on a solution that saw them playing in the Coventry area. However, the Sky Blue Trust is aware from Club statements and the latest published accounts, that other venues are being considered by CCFC Management as an alternative to the Ricoh.

Therefore, to help guide EFL clubs in any future consideration of the matter should it be necessary, the Sky Blue Trust has agreed to assist the EFL to understand the views of our members on the issue of ground-sharing. The EFL has committed to make the Trust’s views known to all League clubs should the matter need to be considered on April 25th.

Therefore please can you answer the following question


Sky Blue Trust Press Statement:

Coventry City - painful questions
After tomorrow’s game against Oxford United, the Sky Blues will have just three games to play at the Ricoh Arena before the end of the season. Unless agreement can be reached to extend the Club’s use of the Ricoh, in just 33 days the English Football League (EFL) will be meeting to consider possible expulsion of the Club from the League.
There is still time for SISU, Wasps and Coventry City Council to work together constructively to solve this crisis. There are several possible solutions, for example:
SISU could drop their legal action and do a deal with Wasps.
Wasps could come to the negotiating table and enable the Sky Blues to play at the Ricoh next season.
Coventry City Council could offer help and support, to keep the Club alive.
SISU could sell the Club to new owners who might be more able to agree terms with Wasps.
In recent discussions, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and many local MPs have urged the three organisations to solve the problem and remove the threat to the Club’s existence. The EFL have been pressing the Club for a long period of time to make satisfactory arrangements for the Club’s home games and to make their intentions clear to the League and to supporters. But the politicians and the EFL can only urge, persuade and cajole.  They do not have the power to compel the parties to sort out the mess. At the time of writing, the Club have not informed the EFL where they will play home games in 2019/20 and have not proposed a ground-share to the EFL
If the issue is not resolved within the next 33 days, the EFL’s member clubs will, on 25 April 2019, be faced with a terrible dilemma - either once again allow Coventry City to move out of the City and play “home” games elsewhere or put an end to the Club’s life in the Football League. The EFL are anxious to know how supporters would view those options. They have asked the Sky Blue Trust for a view and they have suggested the wording of a question, which describes the options as follows:
a) a ground-share within 50 miles from Coventry;
b) a ground-share within 50 miles from Coventry, subject to a binding commitment to return to Coventry within 3 years;
c) opposition to a ground-share outside Coventry as an alternative to expulsion from the EFL.
The Trust has agreed to ask its Members to answer the EFL’s suggested question. The Trust has also decided to invite supporters who are not Trust members also to let us have their answers to the question. The question is available via this link -https://survey.zohopublic.eu/zs/3TOhYH
The closing date for replies will be Friday 29 March at 6pm.  Answers after that time/date will not be counted.