The Lonely Season - Notts County 1-4 City Match Report

Last updated : 21 May 2018 By LK

I’ve had two days to recover and my throat still doesn’t feel right. People are saying it was the best Coventry City fixture since Wembley. Here’s my take on Friday night: a little thing known as, The League Two Playoff Semi Final Second Leg, baby.


It started early for me. A 10.30 AM coach - austerity kicks in at this end of the season; a journey in which I must’ve read the same page 100 times - my thoughts constantly hijacked by dreams of Bayliss Yaya Toure-ing through Notts County’s defence and battering a jaw-dropper; an hour of waiting for the Airbnb host “Mountain Tim” to amble down his peak and let me in - dreams now changing to Liam Kelly piledrivers; and finally an hour of peace in the flat, waiting for my carer for the day, Rob, to come and tell me everything would work out ok.