Eight Hours In Crawley

Have I been here before?

Just the once. On the final day of the 2014-15 season in a relegation 6 pointer. Non-football fans may wish to skip this bit.

Cov needed a draw to avoid dropping in to league 2. Even a defeat might have been enough if results had gone the right way. Of course we were one nil down at half time leading to nervous glances at other results.

An equaliser from the oft maligned Tudgay allowed me to breathe sightly easier before a 92nd minute winner from a sprightly youngster by the name of James Maddison would seal the three points. Due to other results Cov would finish in the giddy heights of 17th place, sending Crawley down instead.

Three years later that James Maddison fellow, having scored 15 for Norwich in the Championship is on the cusp of a £25m transfer to Liverpool or Spurs if the papers are to be believed.

Cov meanwhile are back in Crawley in a desperate attempt to hang on to 7th place in league 2.