YOUR VIEWS - What Really Matters

Last updated : 10 January 2018 By Mike Hobday

Coventry City have owners who don’t understand, or frankly care what a Football Club means to its supporters.

We have a ground that has been taken over by a Rugby Club that has no ties to Coventry and we have a council that is hacked off with SISU taking every one to court.

Despite all this negativity we have a Manager who, in spite of having both hands and one leg tied behind his back, and of course, an empty wallet, has got our beloved club into the top 3, has orchestrated the toppling of a Premier League side and has motivated a young side to play with confidence and belief.

A friend and I are season ticket holders and have a 5 hour (on a good day) round trip to see the Sky Blues at home. We don’t make every game (My friend gets to more than me)but we do try, we also travel to away game when we can.

Why do we do this? Because What Really Matters is that the manager and the 11 players on the field are supported, they, after all, are Coventry City not the incompetent owners the Squatter Rugby team or the indifferent council.

If you’re a Sky Blue Fan get yourself to the games…. PUSB