Your incompetence has caused the protests city

Last updated : 19 January 2017 By ST

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Coventry City claiming that protests against Sisu will cause the club more long term damage - what complete rubbish.

Whoever gave that quote to the Coventry Observer wants to look at what the club has done since relegation from the Premier League - selling their share in ACL to the Higgs Charity, moving into a ground they did not own and had no need for, the embargos and relegation to League One, points deductions, Tim Fisher taking City out of the Ricoh Arena and moving the club to Northampton, the employing of staff and Board members who have not done their jobs to a good enough standard on or off the pitch, the threat to the Academy, Wasps not wanting to talk about a long term future at the Ricoh etc, have done far more damage to the club as will relegation to League 2 and possibly the National League than any protest could ever achieve.

So Coventry City stop trying to blame everyone else for your own failings and if you cannot put things right, at least have the decency to quit.


Sent in by ST.