Worth A Read - What You Don't Understand SISU

Last updated : 21 October 2017 By SK

Worth a read is the following which appeared on Facebook by Seamus Kavanagh.

"Cannot help but feel for the Coventry City fan who has been given a ban.by the club and a lifetime ban by Wasps.

I admit it wasn't the brightest of moves to run onto the pitch to demonstrate his feelings but I can most definitely understand his frustrations.

What you SISU and the powers that be don't understand, is that most of the people that keep the club going i.e. the fans haven't got the money to just throw away, but over the last few years it's exactly what the fans have done.

So why aren't they allowed to vent their frustration???

If you put your concerns in writing its dismissed, if you say it from the stands you are ejected and when you do get a Q&A session with the hierarchy (Fisher & co) you're fed lies and complete pie in the sky rubbish.

So the question is, how are you as a full paying totally dedicated supporter of a club that most defiantly don't give value for money supposed to vent your concerns and get answers???

The problem is it's not a community sport anymore even though the fans still love their clubs with all their hearts. It's a business that's run by fat cat owners that don't give a thought to the club or fans and laugh in the faces of the fans pain, and answer to no one including the EFL or any other footballing body, it's a very sad state of affairs and I ain't going to lie it's part of the reason that I have been losing the love for my club and the sport itself."