What The FLA Say About Flags And Banners

Last updated : 05 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

In light of recent events at the Ricoh Arena regarding the objections to the unfurling of banners on fire safety grounds, although anyone watching Match Of The Day on Saturday night would have seen Blackburn fans displaying "Kean Out" banners, with no such recriminations, here is something from the Football Licensing Authority which has been sent to clubs on the subject.

"There has been an increase in the number of pyrotechnic devices/flares discharged at grounds this season. You are strongly advised to create a response plan to the discharge of such items in order to deal with the heat and smoke generated by the oxidising material. The plan could include local resources and actions to be taken if a device is on the field of play or discharged in spectator accommodation.

"The other fire safety matter is in reference to any material that is introduced to the spectator accommodation that potentially increases the fire load, this would include segregation netting, large club /sponsors banners, flags and supporters banners. All of these materials must be fire retardant and comply with the relevant standards, it is important the suppliers provide copies of the relevant tests to demonstrate the fire retardant properties of the material. Any material that does not meet the relevant fire safety standards should not be introduced into the spectator areas. If the material is not suitable it may be treated to achieve the desired standard. Recently a segregation net was badly burned by a discharged pyrotechnic and previously a supporter banner was lit from the underside and needed a response from the fire stewards. The club fire risk assessment should take account of any revised fire load in accordance with the statutory obligations. There are suppliers of flags and banners who do supply a number of clubs with suitable banners that comply with the relevant standards."