Westwood Hints He May Stay A Sky Blue

Last updated : 12 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Coventry City's 25 year old Irish international goal keeper Kieren Westwood had admitted he has not spoken to any other club about a potential move away from Coventry and he says he has not ruled out signing the vastly improved contract that has been offered to him by the club.

Westwood has famously refused to agree to the new deal offered to him in September last year. The club has also insisted that there have been no enquiries for him, but that has not prevented speculation that Westwood would be sold in January to recoup some money rather than letting the valuable asset move for nothing when his contract expires in the summer.

"Anything could happen and you never say never," said Westwood to the CT. "At the end of the season if we get promoted we are having a fantastic conversation."

Despite Westwood's apparent reluctance to sign the proffered new contract, he is being open minded where he will play, saying, "I have never said I have ruled it out."

"At that time I said that wanted to see where the club were going and it is still the same. Nothing has changed really and I am just working hard like I always do."

Responding the press speculation, he said, "Since I have been here there has been a lot of paper talk and hearsay but I just get on with my job. I do work hard at what I do and that's not going to change. I have had speculation ever since I was 19 and playing for Carlisle and it has never really affected me in terms of my performance, whoever I have played for."

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