We're Not Frightened Of Anyone - Thorn

Last updated : 19 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn has said that City are not frightened of any one.

Having played every team in the division, it is clear that the Championship this season is not the strongest it has ever been and the teams are pretty much of a muchness and if the Sky Blues had put away their chances and not made errors in defence then they would be safely in the top half of the table instead of being adrift at the bottom.

Speaking to Sky Blue Player, Thorn said at the club’s weekly press conference: "Every game in this league is an opportunity and I am not frightened of anyone, and that sort of result last week proves that. 

"The difference between the bottom half and the top half is that sides up there can push home their advantage when they are on top in games. 

"We have struggled to do that and it is something we have to work on. We need to create more chances and most importantly, have an end product."