We'll Help The Youngsters Through It - McSheffrey

Last updated : 23 September 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City midfielder Gary McSheffrey has said that the senior players in the team will help the youngsters through the tough times.

McSheffrey made his first team debut as a sixteen year old at Aston Villa and told the CT's Andy Turner: “I’m a veteran now. “Sometimes managers have to look after their young players and take them out of the firing line for a little bit but hopefully he will take it well and bounce back.

“I have been there as a youngster so I know what he’s going through.

"He has been thrown in at the deep end and he is a good player who is comfortable on the ball.

“Both Gael and Cyrus have had a good start to the season and done ever so well.

"They are both in the team on merit and have played beyond their years to be honest.

"But football has always got a habit of bringing you back down to earth and going to a side like Ipswich with probably the most experienced midfield in the league can bring you back down to earth.

“It’s a learning curve for them and you hope they grow and respond from it.

“The one thing you can’t do is suck the confidence out of kids because I have been there and had it happen to me, so it affects you.

“I have been in the youth team and looked up to senior players and then all of a sudden you are playing with them and it can suck the confidence out of you sometimes.

“It it just that you set standards which you have to play to all the time and it is what we come to expect from the young lads because they have been doing it in so many games.

“But I’m a senior player now and like the rest of the lads we will all help them through it.”