We Want Our Club Back

Last updated : 07 January 2012 By PM

Yesterday, was one of the saddest days I've had following Cov City.

Relegation was a dreadful day, losing to Sutton was an embarrassment but today topped it all.

Yesterday, fans choose to stay away as a protest against the way SISU are destroying our Club. Fans that I have stood next to over the years stayed outside. They stood next to the Jimmy Hills statue, a living legend who made us great. How we need a Jimmy Hill now.

Regardless if you think those fans were wrong or not they deserve respect. I know for many it was a really difficult decision.

Others choose to stay away in protest against SUSU again those fans deserve respect. For those fans who went to the game witnessed a dreadful second half performance.

If SISU sell Juke then my biggest fear is we may see this side more often.

How on earth we will escape relegation? The despair on the fans walking it out said it all. Life has never been easy being a Cov fan but today was hard.

The faceless SISU are not only destroying our football club, they are destroying our community, our history and everything that Jimmy Hill and those before had built.

The one thing they won't destroy is us the fans. This is our Club and SISU don't deserve us. The passion of those supporters who protested by 'the chin' made me proud.

If we all stand firmly together we can get our Club back.