We Have To Persevere - Boothroyd

Last updated : 03 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service
Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has been talking about how City can improve things after only taking one point front four matches over the Christmas and New Year Holiday period.

"It's how you rally yourself and come through periods like this because we are in a tough period but if it wasn't difficult it wouldn't be worth doing," said Boothroyd to Sky Blue Player.

"We didn't use the ball well enough in the final third and we gave away goals which is something we're normally really good at but if you don't start right and don't put things right then it costs you points and that's what happened today.

"I'm glad we've gt through the Christmas period but haven't taken as many points from it as we should. There's no if's or but's. You've got to do it and not talk about doing it so we have to persevere and through it."