We Could Have Nicked A Point - Thorn

Last updated : 02 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn felt that City were worth a point against West Ham United today and it was only a momentary lapse which cost them a point.   

Speaking to Sky Blue Player, Thorn said: "I thought as the game went on, we could have nicked a vital point at the end of the game as we put them under some real pressure. 

"They are a really good side and showed their quality by the players they brought off the bench which shows the gulf in the two sides. 

"Despite that, I didn't think there was a huge gulf in quality and class on the pitch so the players can be really proud of their efforts and the way they played. 

"We acquitted ourselves well to the style of play and the players stood up to them and they only won the game because we lost concentration for a split second.

"Joe Murphy made some wonderful saves and that is why we brought him to the club as he is a very good keeper. "His form has been great all over the Christmas period and that has been crucial in us picking up points today. 

“He pulled off some great saves and long may that continue as we will fight on."