Wasps Now In Charge Of The Stewarding

Last updated : 15 March 2017 By CNS Sport

The Coventry Observer's Les Reid has confirmed this morning that Wasps are now in charge of the stewards at Coventry City matches.

The stewarding in some parts of the ground both outside and inside has been over the top and there have been plenty of incidents including some CNS Sport has seen and heard about, recorded on social media about how supporters including familiies and the disabled have been hassled etc by bully boy and girls stewards or police officers put up to the job, acting on orders.

Although we must stress that it is only certain stewards who act in a way which blackens the good work that the rest of the stewards do on match day days and CNS Sport understands that a number of stewards who are unhappy with the actions from the control box  will not be working for Wasps next season because of the way supporters aere being treated.

The hassle some City supporters have received is understood to now be the main reason why they will not be renewing season tickets which does not bode well for Coventry City FC, who seemingly have little choice but to put up with this poor treatment of their supporters, whilst they remain tenants of the Ricoh Arena. 

Whilst we fully understand, that the Wasps Safety Officer, has been of the opinion that City matches should be played behind closed doors and there has been heavy handed action for anyone they think has been trying to get on the pitch which has suffered from the weather and hosting rugby union, rugby league and football matches.

However, Wasps directing the stewarding does give concern for the safety of spectators at any match at the stadium and we call for only those who are fully trained in safety at football matches to be in charge of games when Coventry City are are home and only those who are fully trained in safety at rugby matches to be in charge of safety when rugby matches of both codes take place.    .