Vice chairman Clarke happy to talk to investors

Last updated : 07 December 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Coventry City's vice chairman John Clarke has said he and his fellow directors are happy to talk to any potential investors, including Gary Hoffman just so long as they can prove they have the funds.

The club is in desperate need of funds as the January transfer window is fast approaching and is the only time that the club can strengthen its beleaguered, under strength and inexperienced squad as they fight of the very real threat of relegation.

Vice chairman John Clarke, who is a Coventry born businessman, said he is happy to act as the “bridge” between the club and any credible investment opportunities.

Mr Clarke said,  “The important thing of all is the club and its future,” We have a responsibility as a board to talk to any potential investor and the door is, and always has been, open.

“However we must always have proof of funds and  that must be a pre-requisite of any meaningful discussion. My fellow board directors Tim Fisher and Mark Labovitch are willing to meet with any potential investors at any time and at any location but we are also mindful we have a responsibly not to raise expectations.

“That would be unfair, particularly at this time. We need to know what is on the table and who we are dealing with. As the only long-term fan on the board, to get our beloved club back where it belongs is dear to my heart.

“We have to consider any serious investment proposal that comes our way and indeed work together in the interests of the club and that includes the owner, the board, the local media and most importantly the loyal fans.”

Gary Hoffman, a former vice chairman and director of the club, led a takeover bid earlier in the year, but the bid failed when details were leaked to the press and the potential investors pulled out.

The £30 million bid, which involved an offer to buy all of the shares currently held by Sisu for £1 included £10 million to cover the current losses, £10 million for the manager to spend on new players and a further £10 million to go toward purchasing a share in the Ricoh Arena.