Trust: Otium In Operation And Practice Are CCFC

Last updated : 05 October 2017 By CNS Sport

A spokesman for the Sky Blue Trust has said in response to the club statement issued earlier today, that in operation and practice Otium Entertainment Group are Coventry City Football Club

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, a Trust spokesman said: “Against all the evidence we have club statements and assertions that ‘the club’ are not involved, liable or affected.

“Clearly from the evidence at Companies House, the EFL, the courts, etc Otium Entertainment Group Ltd is, in operation and practice, CCFC.

“The reality is that it is not possible to separate the two. The only separation is that the fans support CCFC, not OEG.

“The club, the Sky Blues or CCFC lives in the hearts and minds of its supporters alone, as always has and will be the case. In all other material ways, CCFC does not exist except as Otium Entertainment Group, trading as CCFC.

“There is no separation. Otium Entertainment Group Limited, trading as CCFC, is fully part of the court action.

“Of course, that has serious implications for the future of our club and the understanding of the problems it faces. The court action brings potential risks for Otium Entertainment Group and therefore the club.”