Trust Call For Season Ticket Price Review

Last updated : 12 April 2017 By SBT

The Sky Blue Trust have issued the following press statement:

"We recently published the results of our Coventry City supporters survey. Within this we reported the intentions of those who had completed the survey with regard to purchasing season tickets next season.

These results were clear and unequivocal. A vast number of existing season ticket holders were not intending to renew.

If those running the football club were not already aware of the strength of feeling of many city supporters our survey findings should have provided a stark warning that they needed to do something to change people's minds.

With confirmation of the clubs relegation to the fourth tier of English football now just days away many had already decided that enough was enough.

That wasn't them taking part in any kind of boycott. It was a case of disillusioned, disenfranchised supporters making a judgement call based on the prevailing circumstances.

The decision makers at Coventry City needed to reach out to those that hadn't already made that judgement by offering a package for next season that made a gesture.

A gesture that said "we apologise for the pain you as a loyal supporter have had to endure. We understand how much you've suffered. Please come back next season. Your support means a lot to us. We hope therefore you'll take advantage of our heavily discounted tickets for the coming season playing in the bottom rung." Instead however they've chosen to ignore all the evidence presented to them either through surveys,polls or anecdotally.

At the same time they've killed stone dead any remaining Wembley "feel good" factor. To merely "freeze" prices or indeed in some cases increase them they've essentially created their own boycott.

They've deciced for the undecided with an unimaginative and unattractive pricing structure that will do nothing to increase numbers. Some will argue that other clubs in League Two charge similar or even higher amounts for their season tickets which is true. Coventry City however is without parallel both in terms of the misery it's supporters have had to endure and the downward trajectory the club has taken. It is also the only club in League Two with a 32000 capacity stadium which allows a massive degree of flexibility in terms of pricing.

We had therefore hoped for some inspiring leadership for once. To capitalise on the aforementioned Wembley "feel good" factor CCFC could have emulated Bradford City by selling season tickets at much lower prices, to win back fans and try to fill the stadium for each game.

We see yesterday's announcement as an "own goal". A vital opportunity missed to claw back some goodwill. If it isn't already too late we urge Tim Fisher to instigate an immediate review and demonstrate that the club do actually want supporters at games next season.