Thorn Slams Quit Rumours

Last updated : 13 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Rumours started to circulate via the club's Facebook page last night that Coventry City manager Andy Thorn had quit his job, but this morning Mr Thorn strongly refuted he had resigned.

Thorn was swamped with telephone calls last night from concerned people wanting to know if there was any truth in the rumours and this morning he went on record to deny he had quit.

Responding to questions about whether he had quit, he is quoted as saying:  “No chance! There’s no way in a million years that I’m resigning. That’s the coward’s way out.

“There is no truth in this what-so-ever. I’m a massive fan of the club and I’m here to do a job. It’s a challenge and I am determined to succeed.”

Not only is Thorn perplexed by the rumours, he is angry as well, particularly as the rumours suggested there is a rift opening up between himself and the players. It would appear than just because Thorn refused to answer his phone after 11:00pm last night speculation began about his relationship with his squad.

An angry Thorn explained: “I was flooded with calls at 11:00pm last night. It’s absolutely ridiculous and someone is doing a proper stirring job here. I have spoken to all the boys and nothing could be further from the truth.”