Thorn Looking To Bring In New Blood

Last updated : 03 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn has said that he is looking to bring in a player on loan. 

Speaking to Sky Blue Player, Thorn, who admitted after the defeat at Millwall  that new blood was needed said: "There is now some money there to get a loan now but it is expensive still. We will be looking in a certain market and I want to add some experience to the squad.

"I have been offered a few young players but we already have that here and I don't feel adding another young player to the squad is what we need at the moment. 

"If I can get someone in within the budget I have been given then it will be good for us. Obviously, we aren't going to rush into it as I will only be bringing one in. 

"I want to bring in a winner and someone who will fit into the structure the club and the team has in place. 

"I want to get it done soon and I have already been offered a couple of players from a Premier League manager I used to play with but it is all about making the right choice. 

"Other teams around us are getting signings into their clubs and I think it will be good for the side if we can also do that. 

“I am not just going to bring anyone in who won't improve us and that's the main point. I think everyone would agree with that. It is good funds have been made available as there is a little bit to work with now."