This Is Only The Start - Save Our City

Last updated : 06 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

According to those who attended a Save Our City meeting at the Hen Lane Social Club tonight, Saturday's protest is only the start.

The campaign group which appointed Jan Mokrzycki as their spokesperson, have said they will continue with action until SISU are out of Coventry City and that "this campaign is not one single action. It will go beyond Saturday's protest. We want and DESERVE owners who care."

The group have also spoken out about verbal abuse of City supporters with differing views, which is in danger of becoming an on-line issue. Jan Mokrzycki tweeted: "We are all Cov fans and must all respect each others views - verbal abuse of fellow fans will always be condemned by Save Our City."

Those wishing to protest are asked to meet at the Jimmy Hill Statue at 2.45pm.

The group also have a Facebook page at