The Game Should Have Been Over Before They Scored - Robins

Last updated : 24 March 2019 By CNS Sport

Coventry City manager Mark Robins thought that the game should have been over before Oxford United scored.

Robins spoke to the local press after City's 1-0 home defeat to Oxford United and said:“The game should have been over before they scored.

















“We started off brilliantly and could have been two or three goals up but didn’t take those chances.

“The game settled down and they got a bit of a foothold in it, although they didn’t create a great deal in the first half other than one or two corners and one or two attacks. But we controlled the game for the first 45 minutes.

“The second half came around and we wanted a bit more intensity and pressing but we didn’t have that. And then we tried to play too straight and a little bit pedestrian at times as they condensed the space.

“We still got into some good positions in the second half and had another good chance when the keeper saved from Luke Thomas’s effort and from then on we didn’t create enough and it’s a disappointing defeat. 

"They came with their game plan which was to frustrate and to go down. “We were on top and their players went down, the usual thing which the linesman and referee can’t do anything about because that’s the nature of it.


“It slowed things down a bit but at the end of the day that’s the other team’s prerogative to get something out of the game. Coming out with three points is bitterly disappointing for us but they’re delighted because they have got a bit clearer from trouble.

“It’s partly to do with them being more street-wise but partly because we are masters of our own downfall because we could have been more clinical.

“You look at teams at the top, Luton scored four but they are ruthless in the final third and we’re not, and haven’t been today.

“We have been on a really good run and when it matters you want that performance to be there. We thought it was there in the first half but we came away from it in the second, so it’s just where we are.”


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Oxford manager Karl Robinson said:“We were a bit rubbish today.


“I didn’t think we were great. In fact rubbish is harsh, we weren’t rubbish. We weren’t at our best.


“If these had of won today then they could have got into the play-offs. We’ve come up against probably one of the most in-form teams in the league.

“We use the expected goals league table, which most managers really use to see how well the teams are playing and how many chances we are getting. These have been in the top three or four for most of the season.

“Results have a big influence but we look at that to see how much that could impact and we knew today that we were coming up against a team that had nothing to lose. Nothing to lose.”