Staff And Fans To Face Strict Security For Olympics

Last updated : 27 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Staff working at the City Of Coventry Stadium for the Olympic matches in Julty are to face the same airport style security as fans attending events, Covsupport News Service understands.

Last week, there was a show of force in the Thames to highlight the abiltiy to combat any threat to the summer games by water and other tests have been carried out to ensure that the games won't be threatened by security breaches or attacks.

Coventry, which is staging a number of football matches, is expected to be placed on the same high alert as London and other host cities for the duration of the games which officially start on July 27th,

One test has already taken place at the Arena with Hull City supporters being subjected to searches of themselves and their possessions before being allowed to enter the ground for a game last year.

This scrutiny of staff and fans is expected to be tested when Coventry hosts an Olympic Play-Off game on Monday April 23rd as part of the London Prepares set of events.