Some FA Cup Rules You Might Not Be Aware Of

Last updated : 30 October 2017 By CNS Sport

Some FA Cup rules that you might not be aware of:

Admission Prices

Immediately after the draw is known, the Club playing at home shall decide on the prices of admission, subject to a minimum price of £10.00 for all spectators other than concessions.

The away Club’s spectators can only be charged more than the home Club’s spectators if mutually agreed by both Clubs.

Gate Receipts

In matches prior to the Third Round of the Competition Proper (other than replayed matches in the Competition Proper), the net gate receipts of each match shall be divided equally between the competing Clubs.


In cases of replays, the Club playing away in the replay must make a request for tickets prior to the original match in order to ensure that the replay tickets are in the possession of the club playing away in the replay at the latest immediately on conclusion of the original match.

The Visiting Club shall be responsible for the payment of all tickets asked for and allotted, unless otherwise agreed between the Clubs in writing with a copy sent to The Association. All questions in dispute shall immediately be referred to The Association.

The Visiting Club should settle with the Home Club for sales of tickets on or before the day of the match.

Any tickets not sold by the Visiting Club should be returned to the Home Club with their statement of tickets sales.

In the Competition Proper, a Visiting Club shall be entitled to one third of the seats usually reserved and known as “Home and Visiting Directors’ Seats” up to a maximum of 24 seats.

Where disabled facilities are provided, a Visiting Club shall have the right to claim up to 15% of this accommodation.

Where it is deemed desirable, the Professional Game Board shall have the right to vary the allocation of tickets to the Visiting Club, or require a match to be made all ticket.

Match Officials Fees

The fees paid to the officials for the game are as follows:Referee, £310.00; Assistant Referees, £155.00 each, Fourth Official, £80.00*.

*£145.00 if National List Referee appointed

In the event of a Match Official being unable to reach their destination, going to or returning from a match, without staying at a hotel, they shall be reimbursed their hotel accommodation, from the Home Club, up to £100, providing that where a concessionary hotel rate is negotiated the Match Official will, if it is not inconvenient, take advantage of such rates. A receipted hotel account must be provided for the Home Club.

(iii) An allowance of £0.40 per mile will be allowed to all Match Officials officiating who travel by private car.

(iv) In the Fourth Round Qualifying, the Competition Proper, the Semi -Final and Final, Match Officials shall be entitled to claim meal allowances as follows: 

Where the travelling time exceeds 8 hours £25.00 

Where the travelling time exceeds 6 hours £20.00 

Where the travelling time exceeds 4 hours £15.00

Travelling time is the period from the time the Match Official leaves home until the time he returns home, less the duration of the match. When an overnight stay is necessary, meal allowances are calculated from the time the Match Official leaves home to the arrival at the ground/hotel. The second day’s calculations are from ground/hotel to home (less the duration of the match).

Video Assisted Referees

“VARs” means Video Assisted Referees as defined under the protocol of the International Football Association Board (“IFAB”).

The Association reserves the right to select any match in the Competition Proper, at its absolute discretion, in which VARs will be used. This means that the Referee in such matches can make decisions based on information provided by the VARs in accordance with the relevant protocol of the IFAB.

Guidance regarding the use of VARs will be provided by The Association to the relevant Clubs at the appropriate time.

Prize Money

First Round Proper winners (40) £18,000
Second Round Proper winners (20) £27,000
Third Round Proper winners (32) £67,500
Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £90,000
Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £180,000
Quarter-Final winners (4) £360,000
Semi-Final winners (2) £900,000
Semi-Final losers (2) £450,000
Final runners-up (1) £900,000
Final winners (1) £1,800,000