Sky Blue Trust Countdown To City's Homelessness

Last updated : 14 November 2017 By SBT

With now just 14 league games remaining before the end of the season and seemingly no resolution in sight as to where Coventry City will be playing its home matches next season, The Sky Blue Trust continues to ask questions of the key players involved and has sent a series of letters asking what steps are being taken to get this critical issue resolved.

Our last letter issued to CCFC Chairman Tim Fisher after the Colchester match has not as yet received a response or acknowledgment.

Our latest letter printed below was issued yesterday to Coventry City Chief Executive David Boddy;


Moz Baker Sky Blue Trust Chair

Dear Mr Boddy,

Following the match against Mansfield Town on Saturday, Coventry City now have only 14 League Two matches scheduled to be played at the Ricoh Arena before the end of the current season.  As you know, the agreement which allows such games to be played at the Arena expires at the end of the season. Coventry City are therefore just 14 games away from homelessness.

Unless a suitable home ground, which meets all the relevant standards, can be secured before the start of the 2018/19 season, Coventry City may cease to exist.

Please can you tell me what steps you are taking to secure a suitable home ground for Coventry City beyond the end of the current season? It seems that the continuing legal action by Otium Entertainment Group Ltd and others against Coventry City Council and Wasps is impeding the resumption of meaningful negotiations with Wasps over use of the Ricoh for next season and beyond.

Are you having any discussions with Wasps about the possible use of the Ricoh Arena beyond the end of the current season?

When do you expect to be able to announce the location of the Club's home ground for 2018/19?.

It has been suggested that a tenancy at Butts Park Arena (BPA) is an option for the football club to play its games from next season. Is that still the case?

Is it the Club's preferred option or simply an alternative if the  Ricoh is not available to you? When can we expect to see a formal proposal for BPA?

How will that tackle the potential obstacles such as planning, traffic, parking, residents’ concerns etc?

In your opinion, could such a development be completed before the start of the 2018/19 football season in August 2018?

As Coventry City supporters are increasingly alarmed about the growing urgency of this matter, please could I have your response before the next home League Two game is played, against Crawley Town on Saturday 25 November 2017?

Yours sincerely

Roger Ellis


The Sky Blue Trust