SISU Refusing To Comment

Last updated : 05 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City's owners SISU Capital Ltd are tonight refusing to comment about the protests set for Saturday's game between the Sky Blues and Southampton.

It is understood that a number of media outlets have tried to contact Onye Igwe, who has been SISU's rep on City's Board for the last four season and is involved with Otium which has a major shareholding in Coventry City Holdings Ltd, or head honcho Joy Sappala, who has other companies including one in liquidation and one dissolved, run out of an office in Leicester, to no avail following the issuing of a press statement by the Save Our City group.

Save Our City have called for the Hedge Fund to sell the club "at a price that reflects the club's current value and writes off a major proportion of investors money they have squandered over the past four years.",

The statement also sees the group saying: "The club is a disaster on the field and on the balance sheet.

"Seemingly SISU have no plan of how to get the club out of its spiral of decline. Cost cutting has led to a poor team, poor results, falling gates and further losses in revenue and investors must be asking how are they going to get their money back?"

Speaking to Reuters News Agency, Jan Mokrzycki who is involved with the campaign said: "Although we are bottom of the table this is not a protest against the manager Andy Thorn, who is doing the best he can with his hands tied behind his back.

"It is against the owners who we want to sell the club and get out of a business they don't understand."