SISU Protest On November 1st

Last updated : 20 October 2011 By Brinner
4pm at Sisu Hq, Hanover Street, London.

Its right next to Oxford Circus tube station.

The more turn out for this the better! bring Sisu out banners etc and sing some Sisu out songs etc, am going to get a petition sorted for people to sign so we can take that down with us to hand over to a Sisu representative, Peaceful protest for half hour or so and then off to Millwall for some footy!!

Plenty of pubs close by, infact the Slug And Lettuce is next door so can have a pint before and/or after

Really could do with people turning out for this, The London based supporters can come along to boost the numbers, the press know were going down so hopefully there will be somebody there to report this locally as well as for the Cov Telegraph.

People travelling down from Coventry, if you book up early enough trains down there are only about £12-15 at the minute so get those half days booked off and get down there and show support for our football club!

if they are still here in January the club is going to be buggered, they WILL sell as many players as they can before putting us in to administration.

They have secured loans based on the next 2 seasons season ticket revenue, wasted £10 million of investment that they received 2 years ago, constantly lie to us fans, appoint people on to out board on up to £1000 a day consultation fees in wages as they continue to cream what they can from our beloved football club.

Their time must end and this is a perfect opportunity for us fans to help try to do something about it.


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