Simon Jordan Focus On The Team Not The Stadium

Last updated : 14 January 2017 By CNS Sport

Simon Jordan has said that Coventry City's owners should be focusing on the team not a new stadium.

The former Crystal Palace Chairman who has tweeted an interest in taking over the Sky Blues said to the Coventry Telegraph: “A lot has been made of the stadium issue. I always focused on the team.

“There seems to be animosity between the owners of the club and the fans over what should really be the focus of the club - which is climbing back up the pyramid.

“Having had a club that didn’t own a stadium, I’m at a loss to understand what the issue is around the stadium.

“I know it’s heritage and the lifeblood of the club and so on. But we’re now living in an age where super clubs like Manchester City don’t own their stadium, West Ham don’t own their stadium.

“The real value now in football is not about bricks and mortar. That’s more to do with people thinking about some sort of security.

“I’m at a loss as to why the management at Coventry City is spending so much time on issues not important to the team’s performance.

“It’s rubbish to say they need a new stadium, what they need is a football team.

 “They’re not going to achieve their business aims by being in constant conflict and talking about a new stadium.

“Any stadium income would be dwarfed by the revenues from TV companies. What’s the material benefit?

“If you get into the Premier League, the average season ticket price is £600. That’s £18m from filling it every year.

“You get £170m from the TV company. What’s the big deal about owning a stadium?

“You’re putting the cart in front of the horse.

“If not owning a stadium is OK for Manchester City and West Ham, why is it not OK for Coventry City?

“This hedge fund isn’t covering itself in glory. They’ve lost the stadium, they’ve lost the rights to certain aspects of the stadium, they’ve fallen out with the owners of the stadium, they’ve got a team that’s descending - if this was a school report it would be an ‘F’.”

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