Simon Jordan: Best Way To Get New Owners Is To Support The Club

Last updated : 15 January 2017 By CNS Sport

Simon Jordan has told the Coventry Telegraph that the best way to get new owners for Coventry City is for supporters to support the club.

Jordan said:  “The best way to get new owners is to go and support the club. You cannot be throwing in hand grenades from the sidelines.

“I used to say to fans, if you want to tell me how to spend my money I’m going to tell you how to spend yours.

“You’re going to pay season ticket prices, and you’re going to come in and support your club. Otherwise you lose your right to say something.

“If the vociferous fans are sitting on the sidelines not watching their club, they’re as bad as the other things.

The only way you are going to get your club back is if the club goes back into administration, faces potential liquidation, comes out the other side in non-league.

“Or if Sisu manage by some turn of fate to get the club further up the pyramid and find an exit strategy that brings in owners who have a better understanding of football and a better understanding of Coventry City than the current ones.

“It would seem to me, somehow, the fans and the owners have got to come together. It sounds idealistic, but it may give Coventry a chance to bring back some of the halcyon days like winning the FA Cup.

“The problem with a hedge fund is they look after other people’s money. They have made an investment in a football club and they are in it now.

“The difficulty is they can’t get out of it, and if they do get out of it they have to book a vast loss.

“The fact they’re not having to book a loss right now because it’s still a going concern is probably one of the reasons they keep holding onto this club. They’re waiting for these losses to become less of a problem to the hedge fund, ultimately that loss cannot be crystallised.”

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