Sillett: Before I Die I Want To Know That City Are Still Playing

Former Coventry City manager John Sillett has said that before he goes to his grave he wants to know that Coventry City are still playing.


With Joy Seppala clearly desperate to get some money back for those foolish enough to have invested pension pots etc in Sisu Capital Limited and its associated companies, by continuing to force the companies who own Coventry City to continue their legal action over the sale of the Ricoh Arena, the future of Coventry City FC has been put in jeopardy.

Sillett speaking at the CSW Sports Awards at the Ricoh Arena last night where he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award, to the Coventry Telegraph, said:

"I'd give my 1987 medal back in exchange for that, without a doubt, not a problem at all. I'd give everything back to keep Coventry City going. 

"Somehow you've got to wave over both sides and say let's start again and get together for the fans.

"Because that's what it is all about, the fans. The fans are coming through and paying out of their own wages, some are even out of work. 

"I can't see why a pitch can't be shared. If they got together as men and sat there and talked it out I am sure there is an answer there somewhere.

"This is where we've got to play, in Coventry. If not in Coventry, what are we going to do? They don't know, and that's what is worrying me. I'm 82 years old, I want to know before I go in that grave they're going to dig for me. I want to know they're still here, and still playing."

Sillett, like many, criticised the sale of Highfield Road to the builders firm then owned by a relative of Michael McGinnity and said: "It's a long way back the blame is. "I had arguments with the board in those days to say 'why sell a ground that we own?'. We've got the car parking, we've got the pitch. We don't fill the ground every week. Until we do, we don't need another pitch, let's play on Highfield Road. I got bombed out.

"I thought I was right but they just choo chooed it.

"It's now what we are talking about at this present moment. At this present moment it's got to be, get together, talk it over, talk it sensibly.

"It's not 'we're bigger than you', let's get together on an equal level. Wasps, I love rugby, I love football, if only we can get together and share this. Look at it, what a wonderful stadium, which we gave away.

"The supporters are so important to this club. I just hope we can get it all sorted out."




Picture Pete Chambers BEM for CNS Sport.