Seppala Wanting £60m For City?

Last updated : 02 June 2017 By CNS Sport

According to a Coventry City Vice President, who posted his thoughts on the CNS Sport Facebook page, the asking price for the Sky Blues being demanded by Joy Seppala and her Sisu cohorts is a massive £60m.

Gary Hoffman, Richard Overson and those involved in the consortium have made three bids to take control of the Sky Blues who are now a League Two club as of June 1st.

Those from the consortium have told the Coventry Telegraph that " there will not be a fourth offer until meaningful discussions have taken place directly with Sisu chief executive Joy Seppala."

Gary Hoffman said in an interview with the Coventry Telegraph on Thursday: “The consortium has enough money to fund a sensible purchase price for the club and the amount necessary to build a stable, sustainable and successful future."

The third bid was reported as being around £2m plus the Ryton training ground, which Sisu seem desperate to sell for housing, plus add-ons.  

This asking price of £60m, which is south of the figure of Sisu wanting all the money they claim to have invested plus pay-offs that had been doing the rounds for a while but one which should appease some of Sisu's investors and one we have no reason to doubt given the credibility of the person who posted his thoughts with the following on the CNS Sport Facebook page

"Sorry but joy seppala is not willing to talk to them unless they offer her £6000000. Sixty million pounds. Ok"

It is a figure which does leave you questioning whether it is worth it for a club what could well be a non-league side if the downward spiral the club is on is not arrested, one which does not own its own ground and one which has little to no assets.

If those in the consortium are of the opinion that £60m is too much money, then those not buying season tickets, home match tickets, merchandise etc, until Seppala, Fisher and co are out of our club, may have a wait longer than they anticipated.