Save Our City Protest Up Date

Last updated : 01 January 2012 By Save Our City

Meetings have been held with Coventry City MD Tim Fisher and Arthur Barratt, City's Safety Officer and his safety and security team about conduct, what supporters can and cannot do etc.

Basically, supporters can meet by the Jimmy Hill statue, sing, chant etc but cannot enter the Ricoh Arena Atrium, cannot harrass other supporters, use excessive bad and insulting language.

Drunken and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

We have agreed to self police as far as possible but the Security will step in if things get out of hand.

We need this protest to be peaceful, good natured and get headlines for the right reasons.

The match has been moved from a non police event to a catagory C event - after consultaion with the police we are assured this is due to the fact the match is an FA Cup tie with 2000 Southampton fans excpected and not due to the protest.

After 3.15pm, fans who want to go into the game will be able to use gates 28 and 29 at the corner between the Telegraph and Tesco stands.