Robins: We Want To Play At The Ricoh

Mark Robins has said that Coventy City want to play at the Ricoh Arena.

We come to the end of a week, where those currently running Coventry City Football Club, have until April 2nd to either sort out a deal to stay in Coventry at the Ricoh Arena or find a ground out of the city which is suitable to host Football League and cup matches, otherwise the rest of the EFL club will vote on expelling them from the League.

City,whose owners are unwilling to stand up to their shareholders and halt the legal action against Wasps and Coventry City Council which would allow talks to begin, have maintained their stance of wanting to stay at the Ricoh Arena and Mark Robins echoed that, by saying to the Coventry Telegraph, who will also be affected if City were to be expelled from the league and liquidated: “All I know is that we want to play at the Ricoh, we want to stay at the Ricoh and why wouldn’t we? 

“We sold Highfield Road to go and play at the Ricoh Arena, it’s our rightful home. Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past.

“Whatever mismanagement happened in the past, happened in the past by people prior to the current owners. Even the current owners coming in, all that stuff happened prior to them coming in.

“So at the end of the day, it is a situation that was a historic one that needs to be sorted out.

“This year Coventry is the European City of Sport (one of 18 European City Of Sports for 2019 actually.ED)  and to me it becomes ridiculous, the fact that there’s talk, even a consideration that Coventry City will be kicked out of playing football in Coventry in that year. It becomes an oxymoron. It’s ridiculous!

“Honestly, it’s something that I can’t affect, I can’t do anything about it. The problem is that this is all going on around us and everybody talks about it and I have no answers because I don’t know.

“But I would say that there will be a club at the end of this. I’ve got no reason to believe otherwise. We want to play at our rightful home it’s as simple as that.”