Robins Staying Out Of Rentgate Politics

Last updated : 07 December 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Mark Robins has said that he and the players are staying out of the row now seemingly affecting the future of the club regarding the rent situation and action being taken against City owner's by Arena Coventry Limited.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner, Mark Robins said: “I’m not getting involved in any of the politics.

“I have spoken to the players but about the game because this is the only issue that can detract from what we do and it’s an issue we have no control over.

"Hence the reason I won’t be getting involved and will let the people who can do something about it get on with it.

“Everyone needs to pull together because that’s what makes a football club. At the end of the day we can’t affect anything other than what’s going on on the field.

“It’s only a distraction if you let it, if people read newspapers and start to wonder ‘what if?’ There are a lot of what ifs.

“You can’t control it and you don’t know what the outcome is going to be, so let’s just focus on what we can control which is our training and performances.

"We’re here to play football matches and that’s all we can focus on.

“We’ll prepare for the game as normal and there’s just a sideshow going on that we can’t control.

"What we can control is training and making sure the covers are put on at night and make sure the balls are blown up.

"We are lucky at this football club because we’ve got everything we need – apart from a stadium that we own!”

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