Robins Looking At Solution To Goalscoring Drought

Last updated : 27 October 2017 By CNS Sport

Coventry City manager Mark Robins has said that he has been looking at solutions of finding ways for the Sky Blues to start scoring goals.

City have not scored a goal in their last four matches and speaking to Tom Leach, Robins said: "We can only look to try and solve the problems that we have got in terms of creating chances.

"On the flipside we are still defensively solid and capable at the back.

"You go through spells like this in a season. This is why they call it a marathon and not a sprint.

"Things have not come easy for us and there are reasons for that. Tomorrow will be different because they are top of the league and they will have a go.

"Things change slightly but we have been working on various things this week which will stand up in good stead."