Robins: I Need To Be In A Position

Last updated : 12 February 2019 By CNS Sport

Coventry City Manager Mark Robins has said that he needs to be in a position next season that will help the Sky Blues get promoted.

The City boss told the Coventry Telegraph about recuitment for next season: “Chris Badlan is still working away and that’s on-going because I need to be in a position next season, and to do that we need to sign game changing players in the summer

















“I won’t be signing players unless they can give us that push and that lift to get up because I genuinely don’t think we are there yet.

“But the recruitment so far this season has been good, really positive.

“We have signed young players with value and added a lot of experience this season that should benefit us moving forward and going into next season.

“But also we have got to see that from now until the end of the season that they are capable of making that next step to get us to where we want to go because I really don’t want to hang about.

“If we can start winning games and getting those points now we are not that far away.

“Performances suggest we are a really good team. Results suggest that we’re not quite a good team but in terms of a process we are only a little bit away from turning a corner.

“It’s just that little bit extra needed.”



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