Robins: I Don't Know Nothing

Mark Robins has said that he does not know anything about whether the Sky Bues will be playing next season.

The Sky Blues are threatened with extinction by the Football League, with their current tenure at the Ricoh Arena due to end in May and City boss Mark Robins has said that he is unaware as to everyone else what the next few weeks hold.

Robins, who is of course, restricted by club confidentuality clauses in that if he did know the outcome, he cannot publically say until after the club gone to press and would face possible dismissal for doing so, is quoted by the Coventry Telegraph as saying; “I’ve no idea. “I don’t know anything and I don’t think there’s any mileage in me knowing anything now anyway unless it’s all finalised and done.













“The only time I need to know anything is when it is done.

“If people know what the outcome is you can manage it, and it’s definitely a big part of it because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“I just don’t want it to have an impact on what we’re trying to do and the only way to do that is to keep that clear.

“But it impacts on every day because everyone is talking about it. Not just the players and staff, the supporters and media because it’s a big story that happens every time the contract is up for renewal.

“It just needs resolving once and for all because everyone is fed up of it. It’s 100 per cent the same with Brexit, albeit on a different scale but it means a lot to every Coventry City fan and means things to people not associated with Coventry City as well.

“It’s the football family and no-one likes to see any part of the football family struggling in any sense, so once it’s resolved I can manage that but until then there’s nothing I can do.

“So the answer to the question is no, I don’t know anything and until there’s something tangible I can take forward there’s no point.

“Look, it is what it is. "There’s nothing I can do to change it.

“It only affects the players if we choose to let it and again, I’ve got to trust that this will be resolved quickly, sensibly and in the best interests of Coventry City Football Club, and that’s all that anybody wants.

“So for me it’s about football and football only because I can’t implement anything else.

“I’m sure the players talk about it but really they’ve been focused. They’ve been focused on their jobs and I think it’s been good that the weather has been great because they’ve got nothing to moan about with the weather, although it’s turned a little bit wetter over the last couple of days.

“Apart from that, we would all like a smooth ride but life’s not like that.

“So in general you’ve got obstacles to overcome and some people have got more difficult obstacles to overcome. Like I say, things will pan out and once they’ve panned out, I can manage it.




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