Remain At The Ricoh - Trust Survey Resuts

Last updated : 01 April 2019 By CNS Sport

The Sky Blue Trust have issued the following statement after the results of the survey they did with the EFL regarding options for Coventry City next season.

"The Sky Blue Trust is now able to publish the results of its recent ground sharing survey, which closed at 6pm on Friday 29 March. 
There are two preliminary points that we need to emphasise and have now done so to the EFL.
1. The vast majority of CCFC supporters wish the club to remain at the Ricoh.
2. Some supporters felt unable to answer the question posed because all of the three options presented were unacceptable to them.
The result of the survey was as follows:
A) 338 votes 12.05%
B) 821 votes 29.28%
C) 1645 votes 58.67%
Total votes cast = 2804
We are satisfied from active monitoring of the survey that this outcome reflects the views of those Sky Blue Trust members who felt able to respond and also broadly represents the views of the wider supporter base.
We have advised the EFL that it is now incumbent on them to exercise all possible influence on CCFC management, its owner and director, and any of the other parties to this protracted dispute who the EFL feels  able to influence, to act in the best interests of the club, its supporters and the whole Sky Blues Community, so that none of these three outcomes becomes reality."