Relegation Could Prove Very Costly For City

Last updated : 13 March 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Whoever owns Coventry City next season could find themselves having to fund even bigger losses if the club were to relegated at the end of this season.

The Sky Blues currently receive £2.2m in solidarity payments from the Premier League as a Championship club plus the money from the television deals and other deals which brings the figure to the region of £4m.

However, dropping down a division will see these payments drop to around £800,000 for clubs in League One.

City, who will also have to deal with a wage cap which may see top players wages increase every year, being sold or allowed to leave.

If that wasn't bad enough, the club might have to deal with a drop in season ticket income if supporters decide that they don't want to watch what is basically third division football on a regular basis as well as a decrease in sponsorship due to a lack of television coverage/ media interest.

All these losses will be have to covered by the owners who will be hoping that a return to Championship football will be sooner rather than later.