Proper Funding Not A Change Of Manager

Last updated : 03 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Over the last two days, Championship football has seen the resignation of Steve McLaren at Nottingham Forest and Keith Millen leaving Bristol City by mutual consent today and judging by comments on the social networking sites, it is clear that City supporters are concerned that changes at both clubs could transform their fortunes, leaving the cash strapped Sky Blues struggling at the bottom of the table.

Doncaster Rovers have already benefitted from a new change of manager and if Forest and Bristol City, who both have some money available, follow suit, then the need for the Sky Blues to win more of their league matches increases.

What is more concerning is the possibility of Andy Thorn saying enough is enough, something doing the rounds of the social networking sites today, and walking out on his roles of managing the Coventry City first team, plus running the reserves and doing some of the scouting as part of a four man team.

We can all argue tactics, formations and missed chances for the reasons as to why City are third from bottom after ten matches but Thorn, who is seen by many as a manager working with one arm behind his back, can only the pick the players he has available who are fit enough to last the game and has had to rely on his senior players to go beyond the call of duty this season and play when not fully fit themselves.

With no loans on the horizon and not being able to properly replace the likes of Keiren Westwood, Aron Gunnarsson and Marlon King due to a lack of available funds, no-one would blame him if he were to walk out on the cash strapped Sky Blues any time this season.

At the moment, Thorn remains steadfast in his jobs but everyone has their breaking point and someone with Thorn's contacts and reputation is unlikely to be forced to seek a living on Sky Sports News and would not be out of work for too long.

Sacking Andy Thorn, who it is clear from every away game this season and most of the home games, has the total support of City supporters, is not an option. In fact, it is likely to anger those supporters still paying to get into matches even more and increase the demands for the owners and board to go.

Coventry City FC cannot afford to lose someone of Thorn's calibre pure and simple and the sooner the ever increasing board of directors, seen as happy to get paid via their companies but not do their bit to bring in the cash, realise this and find some money from somewhere so that he can do his job properly, the better.