Preservation Sky Blues Group Issue Wembley Statement

Last updated : 27 March 2017 By PSB Group

On April the 2nd the Sky Blue Army, 46,000 strong,will be attending the Checkatrade Trophy final.

We previously released plans to hold a positive demonstration prior to kick off highlighting our potential as a club in a positive manner. We asked fans to hold up signs and banners with the word 'POTENTIAL' displayed and then as the players enter the pitch to hold them aloft. We have already received lots of support and some great input from fans. We want to be crystal clear about what we are asking.

As always we welcome fans input and therefore ask all fans to print off their own personal message on signs/banners. We urge you to keep it positive and centred around the "potential" theme. Imagine how fantastic it would look with 46,000 fans holding up individual messages saying 'POTENTIAL'or as others have mentioned 'FOR SALE' or any other slogan's of a similar nature. 

We intend this to be a positive demonstration not a disruptive protest. Once the first ball has been kicked we urge all city fans to cheer the boys on to victory and enjoy this very rare day out at the home of football. OXFORD FANS 12th MINUTE APPLAUSE As you may be aware Oxford fan Steve Dyer tragically lost his battle with cancer recently.

Oxford United fans will be partaking in a minutes applause on the 12th minute as a mark of respect. It would be very fitting if we could also take part in this tribute as a mark of respect and we urge city fans to join in. PROTEST MARCH A protest March will take place ahead of the game.

Fans will be gathering at 'THE GREEN MAN' public house which is a short walk from the stadium and will then set off via Wembley Park tube station before gathering at the start of Wembley way for a 1.30pm March to the Arch.

The march has been organised by the 'Fight till the game has won' group and we hope many Sky Blues fans as possible will join in.

Thank you, regards PSB GROUP