Premier League Owners In Favour Of Relegation

Last updated : 21 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore has told the BBC that all the Premier League clubs want to continue with promoion and relegation from the division.

Earlier this week, Richard Bevan of the Warwick based League Managers Association had said that some American and Asian owners of PL clubs wanted to make the top flight a closed shop, some Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said will kill the game.

Speaking to the BBC, Richard Scudamore said: "I have an open dialogue with all of [the owners] and I am probably in the best position of anybody to understand where the clubs are at and what the mood is and there is not one of them is contemplating that [proposal].

"A vague reference to American owners - I have spoken to them all and they are appalled at the idea they've been dragged into scaremongering around this idea of no relegation."