Port Vale Offer City A Home

Last updated : 14 December 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Port Vale have become the latest club to offer Coventry City a temporary home if their talks with Arena Coventry Limited.

Coventry born Vale CEO Norman Smurthwaite told The Sentinel: "If City end up needing a stadium, I'd be prepared to do a ground share.

"They haven't asked, but I'd to do it until the end of this season, though I wouldn't do it next season because we'll be playing them in League One.

"We certainly wouldn't let them come for free. But I would enter dialogue with them.

"I wouldn't make them an offer of using our ground – they'd have to come to me, but it would put us in a better place from a networking point of view.

"We could accommodate them on a pay-as-you-play arrangement, as long as it didn't conflict with our schedule.

"I grew up in Coventry, but it wouldn't be a decision I make with my heart. It would be a commercial arrangement for the benefit of this club and it applies to any club, not just them."

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