Player Arguments Show They Care - Thorn

Last updated : 24 September 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City Manager Andy Thorn has said that his player venting their frustrations at each other in the dressing room shows that the players care.

"We were all very frustrated the other night because we contributed to our own downfall and gave ourselves a mountain to climb," said Andy Thorn to the CT.

"The lads were on at each other in the dressing room and that was good because it shows they care, that they are trying to drive each other on.

"It used to be really quiet in the dressing room but now they get things off their chests and i think it is important to leave them alone for five minutes, listen to them trying to sort it out amongst themselves before I step in and say what I think.

"Sammy Clingan says what he thinks; he's not scared to say it to anybody and every player in there listens when he speaks.

"Richard Keogh and Martin Cranie have their say as well, which is good - they're normally quiet lads but they can get very vocal when they're in the dressing room and obviously Joe Murphy chips in as well - being a goalkeeper he's learned that from Oggy!

"The younger one are taking that on board as well. I spoke to Cyrus Christie after the game and he came back to me so then I showed him the DVD and he apologised. I've got no problem with that. They are all good lads and I want them to voice their opinions because that's healthy - when you've got players like that who care about the club and demand performances from each other you'll be fine in the long run.

"I think we have played really well this season in the league other than for half an hour last Monday when we just weren't at it.

"In the 17 games I've had I think that's probably the first time that's happened but when you are building a team on young boys you are going to have your inconsistent spells."