Planned protest shouldn't affect the players

Last updated : 04 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Coventry City defender Richard Wood has spoken about the planned fans protest scheduled to take place at kick off time on Saturday at the FA Cup game against Southampton.

The protest has been allowed to take place in front of the Jimmy Hill statue at 3:00pm and last for the first 15 minutes of the game. It is possible that for those first fifteen minutes the game will be played in front of mainly Saints fans with few home supporters in their seats.

Wood was asked by the CT if the protest would affect the players.

He replied, “It will be a bit weird if that is the case and something I have never experienced before, but if it happens then we have to stay professional and try to win the game and not let that affect us.

“If that’s what the fans want to do then that’s up to them. I understand all the things that are going on off the field. We have just got to be professional on the field and make sure we put I a good performance.

“They might not be happy if we score a couple of goals early on and they miss them, though.”