Pitch Invader- I'm Fed Up Of Watching This Rubbish

Last updated : 18 October 2017 By CNS Sport

The supporter who invaded the pitch during Coventry City's defeat to Forest Green Rovers has said that he was fed up of watching this rubbish.

Many City supporters are finding it hard to cope with having to watch the Sky Blues in League Two through no fault of supporters whilst those responsible for the club's demise over the years, remain unpunished and Darren Kedzierski's word with a few players who were losing to a Forest Green side, which had not won away from home and had been gifted a goal, expressed what many at the game were thinking or wanted to say given the chance.

Speaking about why he did, Darren Kedzierski, a City supporter for more than 40 years, told the Coventry Telegraph: “I’d like to put my case.

“Basically I had just had enough of the way the football club is being run.

“I know I shouldn’t have done it but I spent a lot of money going to Accrington on Saturday and spend a lot of money watching the club.

 “I told them that I’m fed up of watching this rubbish and that no-one is putting in any effort.

“I explained to Michael Doyle that the club’s in disarray. People are spending a lot of their wages and not getting a performance at the end of it.

“I wasn’t abusive. My actions waving my arms might have seemed that way but I just told him that I’d had enough.

“I’m tired of the players not putting in a performance. I’m sick of it.

“I was escorted out of the ground and spoken to by the police who took my photo and got my details and told me to report to Little Park Street next Tuesday.

“I have spoken to Dave Mapp, the football intelligence officer, and he says it’s up to the club what action is taken against me.

“I guess I could be in for a ban or even go to court.

“If I get banned then I’ll accept it but it was the only way I could vent my frustrations. I know it’s not right but what other options have I got?

“There’s part of me that’s sorry for what I did but at the end of the day it’s the only way to put your point across.

“I do have a bit of remorse but there’s part of me that doesn’t because it’s the only way I can show what I think about the club that’s doing its best to alienate everyone.”