Peaceful Objection Raising To Ensure Coventry City's future

Last updated : 16 September 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Despite Andy Thorn’s appeal for calm today, something which, those who made the decision, to send in the stewards to wrongly quell what have been two very peaceful out pourings of objections to the owners  at the last home games, should take on board, we understand by speaking to supporters that the objection raising is set to continue. 

As we understand it, the raising of objections (protest is too strong a word as the 'protests' have so far only involved a bit of singing and the odd bit of attempted banner unfurling and in no way justified the action taken), are not just about getting SISU out of Coventry City, they are seen as an attempt by supporters to ensure a long-term future for the club. 

At the moment, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that there will be a Coventry City FC playing professional football next season or any future seasons. 

Onye Igwe, SISU’s rep on the City Board might have made a few rumblings about a plan for next season but as we all know, at Coventry City, actions speak a lot louder than words and so far the City support has not seen any thing different to give an indication that we won’t be looking for new ways to spend our Saturdays in a years time. 

This situation cannot go on with even auditors saying that they have concerns over the club as an on-going concern. We cannot have Coventry City, barely existing, hoping that it avoids relegation every year with the squad getting ever weaker due to the manager not having the funds to ensure that departures are properly replaced. 

There are too many good people associated or employed by Coventry City for them to be lost if the club were to be put out of business as many suspect SISU will do if they cannot find a buyer come Summer 2012. The staff, the City supporters and the city of Coventry don’t deserve that.

We have waited for three years for SISU to up-turn the fortunes of the club but with seemingly no future, the club is now in the worst position of its life, as the day when SISU’s money finally runs out draws ever nearer,

It is no wonder that the Sky Blue support is livid with SISU who seemingly cannot offer the club a long term future but are currently denying past and future bidders a chance to save the club by demanding monies they think they are due before they will listen to any bid.

It is also no wonder that they have taken to making their feelings known at matches. These expressions, all of which have been peaceful, and were joined in by most of the ground following the over-reaction of sending in the stewards, are the only way for supporters to try and safeguard the club and all it means to them.

Ok, having these activities at matches may affect the players who certainly do not want to see supporters who pay their wages being ejected or attacked by mobbed up bully boys but dialogue has been tried and failed.

It is understood that the SCG got nothing more than lip service at a recent meeting and with the statements issued via the club website, only fanning the flames of fury, unless there are big changes and those running the club get a grip on reality, we can only see those wanting to voice their displeasure at the running of our club or supporters staying away from the Ricoh Arena as they feel that their safety can no longer be guaranteed, continuing.