Pay Up If You Want Bothroyd - Jones

Last updated : 24 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service
Cardiff City boss Dave Jones has said that clubs will have to pay what they think Jay Bothroyd is worth to the Bluebirds.

The former Coventry City striker is out of contract in the summer and is allowed to talk to others clubs but Dave Jones told the BBC: "If they want to take him now, pay the rate that we think he is worth as that is what he is worth to us,"

Jones continued: "We've had plenty of enquiries from a number of different clubs for a number of our players. 

"And it is what a player worth to you? "Where I get a little confused is people think that if his contract is up in six months, then his value is worth less.

"If you need the player now, the value is still the same. If you don't want to pay the asking price, just wait six months and you could get him for nothing. Simple.

"If any club wants him or any player here then they will have to pay what the club feel is the right price as I've got to then go out and replace him.

"It's no good me telling another manager 'I've just lost my player because he is out of contract in six months so give me your player.' It doesn't work that way. "So if we don't want to sell him, we won't sell him. We're trying to build a squad here.