Onye Igwe Breaks SISU Silence

Last updated : 24 February 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

SISU Capital's main man at the Ricoh Arena, Onye Igwe, has spoken publicly for the first time and insisted he is no man of mystery.

The Swiss-educated Nigerian, one of Coventry City's board members, today revealed that he is a JSB family season ticket holder who regularly sits among the fans rather than in the directors' box at the Ricoh Arena.

Letchworth based Igwe, who had an 18.75% stake in SISU, plays a leading role in the running of the club and was key in saving it from extinction in 2008, along with chairman Ray Ranson who is the public-facing representative on the board.

Speaking exclusively to the Coventry Telegraph, Igwe denied that he is a "mystery figure" and explained his low profile which he wishes to keep, leaving the chairman to deal with the public and the press.

Although reluctant to answer direct questions about big issues like the sale of Conor Thomas.

He explained: "I am involved in the club on a day-to-day basis and up at the Ricoh every week as well as match days. We have a clear management structure.

"Ray is the football industry expert with experience both on and off the field, with great knowledge of the game and knows the media well so it made perfect sense for him to take on this role - and he has filled it so well.

"It is a system which lots of other clubs employ to very good effect and we felt it was a natural fit. Our business does not need a whole host of spokespeople and we have faith in the team and that works for the club.

"But I am always busy in the background, doing what I do best. We are working very hard to bring success to the club and that means attracting new supporters, community activities and corporate sponsors and improving the service offered.

"I have been working on a policy of engaging with local businesses and building contacts in the Coventry and Warwickshire area and that is going well.

"We have recently brought in three directors - John Clarke, Leonard Brody and Ken Dulieu - who we believe will open up new avenues for us.

"I know that people ask if I go to games and yes I certainly do, and not just at the Ricoh - I watched Coventry Blaze this Sunday.

"I am not the media person on the team - others do that better and I play a full role in other parts of the running of the club."

Igwe, who was at the game with Swansea on Tuesday, said: "I have my own family season ticket for the JSB. The fact I prefer to keep a low profile means we regularly sit in the JSB zone.

"Not only does it allow me to watch the game as a supporter, and enjoy the atmosphere but I get immediate feedback and can see, feel and experience all the highs and lows with supporters around me.

"With all the current publicity I will not be able to move about unseen so easily now! My two boys love it in the JSB and there are lots of activities for kids in that area."