Olympic Role For Stuart Pearce

Last updated : 20 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Former Coventry City defender Stuart Pearce has been given the role of Team GB football coach for the London 2012 Olympics.

Pearce will take charge of the mens side whilst England women's boss Hope Powell will take the women's side.

Great Britain has not entered the Olympics football competition which is not even a FIFA listed competition since 1960, and Pearce does not yet know whether he will be able to call up on Welsh players such as Gareth Bale and Arron Ramsey, Scottish and Northern Irish players, as the dispute about the other home countries not wanting to lose their footballing identities rumbles on.

Speaking at the press conference in London to announce his and Powell's appointment, Pearce told the Press Association: "I'm not going into this job looking only to select English players. It should be made up if at all possible of all the home nations.

"They should come forward and put their players up for selection. A lot of it will depend on the players mentality. If the players want to be part of it then that would be fantastic. I think they will.

"I think they will be very, very excited to be part of this showcase of football. Dialogue will come into it between myself and the federations and the managers concerned and I think support will be galvanised as the months go by and the tournament nears kick-off."

Three players aged over 23 are allowed in each eighteen player squad and Pearce has not ruled out a place for David Beckham who has indicated his willingness to play.

About him, Pearce said: "I've no idea as yet. "I've not seen him play recently. He's a bit too old for the Under-21s.

"Everyone will be up for selection. Form and fitness will determine who I pick. The FA have said to me the decision is totally yours, you pick who you deem right and proper to be part of this spectacle."